Frequently Asked Questions

Robot functioning and site requirements?
In order to let the robots deliver smoothly. The restaurant requires a more than 90cm width aisle. The ground should be flat without steps and slopes. What’s more, the floor to ceiling distance have to be within 5 meters.
How does the navigation system work?
The robots use SLAM, combining space and depth perception technique. The navigation software is developed by our company. The precision of delivery is within centimetres, which is the highest in the current commercial robot market.
How fast is the speed of travel and how to avoid obstacles during the journey?
The dual laser radar on both sides of the chassis performs continuous scanning, and the obstacles can be detected to be avoided. The upper layer cooperates with multiple sets of visual scanning to realise stereoscopic detection. Delivery Speed 0.8-1.5m/s.
In case the robot stopped, what will it do?
The case is really rare. The only chance robots won’t be able to pass the obstacles is the width of the route is smaller than 60cm. They will call for help. (Audio)
How do multiple Robots Function?
Each robot has different route, they won’t bump into each other. It can be calculated at the moment the map are installed. Even if two robots bump into each other, they will automatically dodge other robots and find their own way.
What is the length of the operation time of one charge?
The battery can be fully charged in 4 hours and lasts for more than 12 hours. (uninterrupted use) The automatic charge can be set according to time or percentage of power.
Life lengths and Warranty?
Life Lengths of robot is 5-8 years. Warranty is for 1 year and all the hardware, components and shipping fee are included. After one year, we will charge the components fee. Our distributors will have all the techniques for repairing and maintaining after signing our distributorship contract.