Save your human resource in the time that you need all hands on the deck. Automate the disinfection process with our Disinfection Robot

Short-wave UVC lamp + disinfection liquid spray
Safer disinfection process, no adhesion, no small particles, no residue
Robot will be able to finish the task automatically
Monitor disinfection processes with data and route records

COVID-19 Use Case 

According to the recommendations in the “COVID-19 Prevention Regulation" and "Hospital Air Purification Regulations" UV light irradiation disinfection should be done twice a day, 60 mins each. Hydrogen peroxide spray(3%) disinfection twice a day, 60 mins each.

4 groups of short-wave UVC ultraviolet germicidal lamps + 5 groups of atomizing nozzles. User-friendly and with automatic charging

The UV sterilization lamp meets "Medical Disinfection Technical Regulations". The irradiation intensity is higher than 70uW / , according to GB19258.

1500ml Disinfection liquid container. Continuously spraying for up to 8 hours

The Theory

Short-wave UVC germicidal lamp

Directly destroy DNA, RNA, proteins…etc. in bacterial virus cells, causing the cells to die directly and fail to reproduce and replicate. No need to add chemicals, no drug resistance and secondary contamination

5um Ultra-dried particles

When the average diameter of the droplets is less than 10um, it can be called “dried particles". The hydrogen peroxide disinfection solution has no aggregation and can be evenly dispersed in the space that needs to be sterilized.

Double sterilization, better effect

Hydrogen peroxide dissociates the highly active hydroxyl groups on the cell membrane. Its strong oxidative properties destroy the proteins that make up bacteria and cause them to die . Short-wave UV can accelerate the decomposition rate of hydrogen peroxide, increase efficiency.